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Brief Guide and Tips about the Alexa Rank Checker

With billions of websites in the cyberworld, consider yourself lucky when your website enters the top 100,000 circle from the Alexa rank checker. This means that your hard work is paying off, but instead of slacking, you ought to persevere in order to reach a single digit number in terms of ranking.

Why Is It Important To Get Good Alexa Rank Checker Results?

A page ranking is a combined result of the page views from those who have the Alexa toolbar installed. The computation is done on a daily basis, so you can use the Alexa rank checker to efficiently monitor how your site is faring in terms of page views.

Is this even important or can you get away without using the Alexa rank checker? If you are only maintaining a site for personal enjoyment and you are not after the earnings, then you can skip using the tool. Most webmasters have realized the potential of a good website to earn. If this is the same as your goal, make sure that you are updated about your site’s ranking.

Ad networks, advertisers, and other webmasters look at the Alexa rank checker results of each website. The ranking will determine if your site is worthy to be linked or if advertisers will gain anything from posting their ads on your site. You will have more power to increase the price of ad placements if you are confident that your site has a high ranking. You can show proof by publishing the Alexa rank checker results.

How Alexa Rank Checker Results Measured ?

The Alexa rank checker results are not solely based on your site’s traffic. How does this thing work and how can you improve your site’s rank? There are many techniques that already have been published about this, but the following are the top four steps to attain your goal easily.

1. The most important tool that you ought to have as a webmaster is the Alexa toolbar. This will make it easier for you to see the Alexa rank checker results, not only for your site, but for the other pages that you often visit as well. You can get this on Alexa’s website by simply downloading it and follow the instructions in order to successfully install the tool. Once it is up, you can start using it and it automatically sends the kinds of information that you are after.

2. Make it a priority to update your site with good content. Do not get too carried away with the technicality of installing Alexa’s tools and widgets. You can have all these, but still get a low rank when you use the Alexa rank checker. This can be due to the poor content that can be found on your page. The traffic has to come naturally and you have to maintain the flow by making sure that your visitors will come back for more.

3. Place the Alexa rank widget on your site. This will help in counting the page views of those who do not have the toolbar installed.

4. Many webmasters from the eastern part of Asia have installed the Alexa toolbar. Get to know some of them by posting in Asian forums or social networking sites. You must also make it a habit to visit and participate in online forums where you can meet fellow webmasters from the other parts of the globe. This is your chance to introduce who you are and build your credibility by helping other posters.

No matter how persistent you are about ranking high in Alexa, never forget to enjoy the process. This way, you will have more reasons to update your site with valuable content that will naturally boost its page views.

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