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Many people don’t have a complete understanding of what an SEO link analyzer can do. SEO forums are flooded with question from users of this tool.  Before you throw your owns sets of questions, here are some basic things worth researching on. 

SEO Link Analyzer – Compare Different Offerings

This one you should be pretty aware of because many people fail to perform a comparative study before choosing the one that really suits their needs.  There are different SEO link analyzer offerings from different companies. 

Without mentioning names, there are probably more than a hundred of them trying to outdo one another.  Make sure that you have a good understanding of the basic functions of these tools and, because you may be using additional features in the future, do think about your future needs.  If one company says their offering beats others, ask them to explain what exactly they mean and specify for you the benefits that you can get from them that you cannot get from others.

SEO Link Analyzer – Functions

Don’t think an SEO link analyzer as only a simple tool, because if you can get one that does its job really well, it will do a lot of functions that go beyond what the name implies. A good link analyzer can not only examine links but also provide useful information and suggestions to the user.  So prepare a lot of questions to ask the supplier. You can ask questions in these areas:

  • Maximum number of links

An SEO link analyzer is designed to work from page to page.  If your site has many pages, you will have to do repeated analyses.  The tool will check the number of links on a given page.  Initially, the recommended limit is 100, but after five years, the same person who gave the recommendation said the Google Webmaster Guidelines has already dropped the said limit.  It appears that the guidelines can change even within a short time, so include the possibility of changes taking place in your considerations.  Still, try to come up with a setup that has the least number of links. 

  • Duplicate Links

Google hates multiple duplications of links.  Limit duplicates also.  If your duplicate link percentage is greater than 50%, it means that the given was made to be weaker.  Ask the supplier if their SEO link analyzer can give you an idea which of the links in your site has already become weak because of high percentage.  Some products cannot specify which links have been duplicated and only give the duplicate count.  Ask about this as well. 

  • Checking your favorite sites

You might be interested in websites other than your own, but the case is not every SEO link analyzer product can perform checks on each and every website.  Ask the seller if there has been any feedback about failure to check URLs or sites.  In one case, the supplier wasn’t able to immediately explain the occurrence of such an event to the user and told the user to give them time to check the problem.  There are no perfect SEO tools and most of them are undergoing enhancements.

What an SEO Link Analyzer Can Check

Aside from the total number of links, this tool should give you external and internal link percentages, the type of anchor, the type of links, the percentage of duplicate links, the links that with empty anchor, the percentage of image links and the number of links that have no followers or have not been used by a visitor.  If the product can give you more data than these, it’s probably a good sign it is worth you money. 

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