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Fighting Online Plagiarism with Boost SEO Plagiarism Checker

As much as you try to protect what is yours, there will still come a time when it will be stolen from you without your knowledge - like a thief in the night. The same thing can be said with online plagiarism. The moment you put your article out there in the web, it will become a public domain and everyone will have access to it and do whatever they may like about it: comment, share, and yes, copy its entirety or just bits of it.

However, no matter how much one has copied from your article, it doesn’t change the fact that it has been plagiarized. Your best weapon against this theft? An SEO plagiarism checker.

Understanding Online Plagiarism

Plagiarism is prevalent in the publishing industry even before the onset of online marketing. On a basic level, it means copying from one’s content or idea without giving due credit to its owner. It was difficult for the publishers then to detect plagiarized texts because plagiarism scanners, much like the SEO plagiarism checker that we have now, were not born yet. There would only be proofreaders who may not notice the stolen texts. It would mean having to scour all over the available documents to spot the copycats. It would take literally days before someone can find a writer who copied the work of another.

Advantage of using SEO plagiarism checker

Before heading out to find an SEO plagiarism checker online, you must first understand the two common kinds of plagiarism on the internet. First, there is what they call the “intentional plagiarism”. Here, the writer of the content intentionally copies the texts word-for-word with the objective of submitting or publishing an article to meet the deadline. This is similar with students who are lazy to write original texts and just “copy-paste” material for their researches. Article spinning falls under this category and is also considered as content theft, which an SEO plagiarism checker can detect.

The other kind is the “unintentional plagiarism”. Unlike the intentional one, the writer here has no inkling that he has been copying someone’s work or idea. It could be that the writer has been uncannily influenced by someone else’s work that the content has traces of it. Other times, the writer’s style of writing is similar with another writer and it could be mistaken as copied content. Either way, one will find an SEO plagiarism checker as a helpful tool in proving the guilt or innocence of a writer.

Who are Affected?

Plagiarism has been a highly debated issue among bloggers, web masters and web content writers. One side supports article spinning while the other is firm on its stand that any copied texts is already considered plagiarism. For bloggers who have no means of detecting plagiarized content such as an SEO plagiarism checker, it is a constant battle with copycats all over the internet. This is especially true if many refer to their blogs as an authority in a certain niche. A lot of derivative content has sprung from such influential online content, most of which do not mention credits to its original owner.

Web masters are also affected by this intellectual property theft online. They strive to make their content unique as possible but there are still some cases wherein their competitors blur the line between original and copied content. They need an SEO plagiarism checker to put an end to this issue.

Finally, web content writers need to practice fair online journalism. This is only possible if they use an SEO plagiarism checker to track down possible copied texts.

In conclusion, utilizing an SEO plagiarism checker is, as of the moment, the only remedy to the rampant cases of online plagiarism. Learn how to use it to ensure quality, unique content that reflects honest work and rigorous research.

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