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Improving Web Page Ranking with Keyword Density Checker

In the competitive world of online marketing, a battle is being fought for the coveted first page of search engines. Indeed, making it to the top ranking has become synonymous to higher sales and conversion rates. However, ethical practices are being compromised just to improve the visibility and visitor traffic into websites. Take for example the way most article writers and bloggers use keywords. Believing that inserting the keywords more often is equals to higher chances of being indexed by search engines, many have been using them to the point of saturation. The best way to avoid this? Using a keyword density checker.

Importance of Keyword Density

Keywords are being highlighted in content to indicate their relevancy. It is through these keywords that web pages are being ranked up. When someone looks up for a “smartphone”, the search engines will index all the content that includes this word along with its permutations and present the user with pages that are relevant to his search. Before there was a keyword density checker, the algorithms were pretty much simple: the more keywords inserted into the content, the better chances it will be ranked up high.

Soon enough, SEO practitioners were convinced that “keyword stuffing” is the answer to drive more traffic to their sites. However, a turn of events led the search engines to impose stricter rules: no matter how much keyword you use, your page will not rank if the content is insignificant or lacks relevancy to the searched word. Hence, it was suggested that using a keyword density checker would prevent online marketers from overusing the keywords.

Keyword density, as hinted in the aforementioned situation, is the percentage of the occurrence of keywords or phrases as compared to the sum of words in the same content. Only a trusty keyword density checker can detect the figures, as it can be difficult to compute the formula manually.

Advantages of Using Keyword Density Checker

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using a keyword density checker or analyzer. Among them are as follows:

  • For finding the best keywords to use in the content – Although you may already have a keyword in mind, you may not notice how often you use a particular word that is not actually your target. A keyword density checker can detect the frequently used words and even phrases, which you can either maximize or minimize depending on their relevancy to the content. You may find out that these words can boost your ranking if they are optimized in the web page.


  • For ensuring proper distribution of keywords – Using a keyword density checker can also remind you of equal distribution of keywords and phrases throughout the article or a blog. It will highlight the keywords that will prompt you to tweak their positions in the content especially if they are not visually balanced.


  • For detecting possible permutations of the chosen keywords – This occurs in any keyword density checker in which there are words that stem from another word, specifically the keyword. It happens when you pluralize the keyword or frequently mention a long-tailed one. This will help you avoid unintentional repetitions and keyword stuffing.


  • For detecting whether an SEO writer has gone beyond the density limits – A keyword density checker can help you find out if a writer has reached the maximum allowable density for the keyword, which in turn will prompt you to perform necessary changes in order for the content to avoid getting banned from search engines. If you are concerned with the quality of the article you have been presented with, this tool can provide you assistance in determining whether it merits approval or not.

Keyword Density Checker